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3 min readNov 19, 2021

Which should you buy?

Investing your money is one of the best ways to build wealth and save money for retirement. Two popular investment avenues, real estate and bitcoin, have been making waves in today’s market. When it comes to these opportunities, it can be difficult to discern which is the wiser investment choice for you. Both have benefits and, like all investments, carry risk.

Those who are new to investing or are looking to branch out a bit from their usual methods might be confused about which field to go for. While there are the usual traditional options such as stocks and real estate, investors in modern times also have other options like Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

With the uncertainty arising from major technological changes and especially the coronavirus pandemic, investors are now placing a lot of importance on mitigating risks. However, risk is the name of the game in investing; the higher the stakes, the more you stand to gain. Many investors are also of the opinion that we have to keep moving forward in order to stay ahead. So, the risk of Bitcoin might be worth considering but you should explore a lot more before stepping in.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency, the most popular of which is bitcoin, is one of the newest investment options available. These digital currencies act as a medium of exchange globally as an alternative to money. They are technological currency backed by blockchain technology.

One big benefit of bitcoin investment is the currency can never be inflated, since there will always be a limited number of bitcoins to go around. There’s also not much involved in purchasing the currency. You obtain your cryptocurrency wallet, purchase your bitcoin and mine. The currency is global and can be sold easily on a cryptocurrency exchange. Transactions are marked in the blockchain, which is publicly available, and bitcoin is currently in high demand. (BUY BITCOIN)

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is the purchasing of property with the intent of renting or selling it to make a profit. This is a multifaceted investment. You can flip homes, rent business space, be a residential landlord, rent out vacation property or open an Airbnb.

Real estate investing can help diversify your portfolio. Property is also a tangible investment; you can pull money from it and put value back into it. With a proper purchase and research, you can bring in money while putting value into a sellable asset. Additionally, owning property comes with tax breaks.

However, a great deal of effort is involved when it comes to real estate investment. Keeping up with property requires regular maintenance, upgrade and repairs. Owners need to collect rent and worry about utilities, not to mention that purchasing property can be pricey upfront.

Also, property is not an entirely fluid asset. Although you can sell property, it can sometimes be difficult to unload. It takes time to sell, and there’s a chance you might pour a lot of money into something that does not equal out.

**Before you choose which is the best investment for you, talk with your financial advisor and get a clear picture of your investment objectives and risk tolerance, along with your investment time horizon.

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