WENX New Logo Announcement

As a company, WENX has grown and evolved at a rapid pace. We’ve been remarkably focused on delivering the best user experience on our platform. This new launch is part of the ongoing evolution of the WENX brand. Over the last year, our professional profile has grown exponentially to meet our customer's evolving needs, with service innovation at the core of everything we do.

2020 was a year of great challenge for us all. The impact of COVID-19 made us re-think how we would work together to support our clients and grow as an exchange on the global blockchain ecosystem. With that said, we decided to update our brand elements to accurately reflect who we are today as a company, as a team, and to elevate the status of the WENX brand on an international level.

Today, we are pleased to unveil our new logo!

After careful consideration, we modernized the bull design to reflects greater strength, flexibility, and agility and captures our unwavering commitment and mission to deliver the best for all our clients. Stronger than ever, we will strive forward with our core belief and motto of “Making Money Together” will always remain the same. We believe these changes will empower us as a team, set us apart from the competition, strengthen our capabilities and commitment to connecting our clients and cryptocurrencies in this blockchain era to new heights, and succeed globally.

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