WENX Token Launch!

It’s the moment you’ve been patiently waiting (and some maybe not so patiently!) for months… We’re ready to announce the details of the WENX token launch!

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It has been a fantastic journey to get to this point. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the support and good faith from all our WENX partners, investors, family, friends, various crypto communities, and individuals so far. It’s worth reflecting on that only a year ago; we were relatively unknown, and now we are proud and humbled to say that we are to be spoken of in the same breath as some of the projects that we looked up to when we first started.
Overall, we are also incredibly proud to say that, through the excellent efforts of our Team & Community, we have turned to the next chapter: our long-awaited WENX token launch!

The reasoning behind our strategy

Although this level of interest is an excellent problem, it is nevertheless challenging, especially from a fairness standpoint. Internally, we have been looking for an ideal solution to our launch, obsessed with finding the right mix of features to a public launch that would fit in with our philosophies as well as satisfy some key goals:

  1. Staking > Selling — we want to minimize our supporters from loss and maximize profit, and we derive this method based on our straightforward mission — Make Money Together For a Better Future.”
  2. Small Fish = Big Fish — ONE account can only stake ONE set. This method should provide no advantage to any market manipulators.
  3. Humans > Bots — every user must complete KYC level 2 to stake. This method of launch should provide no advantage to someone’s code.
  4. Geo-Equality — no matter where you are in the world, you should be able to take part (relatively) equally.
  5. Broad Reach + Popularity — it goes without saying that the more humans are aware of WENXT, the better.

It seemed like a tall order and something we tried to accomplish initially with different solutions, ideas, and schemes. Finally, we centered on the ability of Yield Farming to satisfy many, if not all, of these goals.


What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming also referred to as liquidity mining, is the only way to generate WENXT rewards. In some sense, yield farming can be paralleled with staking in this case. It works with users called liquidity providers (LP) that add funds to the WENX liquidity pool. In return for providing liquidity to the pool, LPs get 2 WENXT rewards per day. The duration and amount are fixed for each round *Kindly refer to this link: https://bit.ly/3xS9zVv

30% of the profit from the exchange and/or 100% of the profit from 2 Quantitative trading will be used to
repurchase WENXT to ensure good market value performance and deflation gradually.

How to get WENXT?

There will be 3 ways you can get WENXT; first on the list will be from staking in our Angel Liquidity Pool, the next one will be the Public Liquidity Pool, which will be available with different phases based on WENXT behavior, and lastly, you can also get them from the Spot Market.

Here’s a rundown of the token launch schedule.

EVENT 1: SEFI Priority Plan.
Event period: 10 August 2021 14:00 (GMT+8) — 16 August 2021 23:59 (GMT+8) (1 week)

EVENT 2: Raffles Market Special Launch.
Event period: 10 August 2021 14:00 (GMT+8) — 16 August 2021 23:59 (GMT+8) (1 week)

EVENT 3: Official Launch of WENXT in WenXPro.
Event period: 21 August 2021 14:00 (GMT+8) — 27 August 2021 23:59 (GMT+8) (1 week)

Website: https://www.wenxt.wenxpro.co/
Blockchain Explorer: https://bit.ly/2UhAVXt
Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/3m2clWb

About WENX

WENX Pro is a world-leading digital assets trading platform, a proud member of the WEN Ecosystem. Equipped with a world-class security setting, you can trade Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies instantly at WENX. Also, we provide a full spectrum of financial products to satisfy various investment needs. Visit us and Discover the Future with us: https://www.wenxpro.co/

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wenxpro_official/







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